My Real Birth Story – Angelique Loverso

Welcome to the thirteenth instalment in the My Real Birth Story Series! This contribution has been written by the beautiful Angelique – mother of one incredibly gorgeous little boy Louis, and creator of the amazing Instagram account – @heads.shoulders.knees. 

Through her beautiful page Heads Shoulders Knees, Angelique shares gorgeous picture book recommendations for parents, and offers advice on how those books can be used to enhance kids learnings at home. She will tell you more about it in her story, however if you are looking for some literary inspiration, then make sure you follow her by clicking the link at the bottom of her story! 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Angelique’s contribution as much as I did xxx

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My Real Birth Story – Janelle Browne

Welcome to the twelfth contribution to our Real Birth Story Series, written by the amazing Janelle Browne – mother to the sweetest little man Ryan, and co-founder of an amazing handmaiden business – Yes Mumma – Handmade

Yes Mumma – Handmade provides customers with gorgeous handmade baby accessories of the highest quality, which are also durable and stylish. These include bandana bibs, solids bibs, nappy purses, newborn towels and hooded towels. Head over to their Facebook page to check them out! 

I really hope you enjoy reading Janelle’s story as much as I did xxx

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How to Overcome the Boredom of Parenthood

Right guys.

I WANT to say that it is time for a TRUTH BOMB, but if you are a parent you will already know what I am about to say. You will realise it from about the tenth month of your child’s life.

And if you aren’t a parent, then you most likely wont believe me… well, not until your elbow deep in nappies and vomit anyway.

BUT…here it is…

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The Time I was Blind On A Cheese Date

Today I would like to tell you a story about a lovely little date that I went on recently. A date with my gorgeous, hairy and very tall husband.

Yep, you heard me. A date.

That’s right!!! For one magical day, Mummy and Daddy got to actually leave the house without our mini human in tow, and not only that, but WE GOT TO GO ON A REAL GROWN UP PERSONS DATE WITH CHEESE AND WINE AND GROWN UP GROWN-UPPY-NESS, AND CLOTHES THAT WERE GUARANTEED TO STILL BE CLEAN AT THE END OF THE MEAL!

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