Diary of a Crazy Pregnant Lady – Weeks 34 to 36

Pregnant Lady Alert! Pregnant Lady Alert! Tummy that has stretched beyond what is humanly possibly for 34 freaking weeks alert!

I say this every freaking time I know but 34 weeks? THIRTY FOUR FREAKING WEEKS? But…but that means that I have just 6 weeks to go? Its saaaaaaah crazy! Who made time speed up like this? Who took away the in-between? What is going on?

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Diary of a Crazy Pregnant Lady – Weeks 31 to 33

Yep. So I am 31 weeks, and I have nine weeks to go.

Nine weeks???!! Say whhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Holy Freaking Jelly I cannot believe we are this far along. I mean, I have lived every second of this pregnancy so I am completely eyeballingly aware of where I am at realistically, but as every week ticks over I find myself completely shocked crapless all over again.

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The Loneliness Of Parenthood

This parenthood business hey? I mean, wowsa. What a ride.

I know that I have said this before, but there is so much that you just don’t think about before you have kids. So much that goes unsaid. So much that you can never ever plan for.

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My Real Birth Story – Tamla Verban

My name is Tamla and I’m the Mama behind the small business, Bubakin.

Essentially my birth stories are what shaped my business! Both my boys were born at home with two midwives and just my husband and I in blissful peaceful surroundings.

So I will endeavour to write them both here in short. I really believe sharing stories is our first step to being the empowered birthing goddesses we really are. After all, our bodies were designed to have babies!

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